Course overview

This Certificate Course will be an interaction of theory and practical applications.

Date of commencement 27th May, 2017 (register 07 days before the programme)
Duration 10 Saturdays - 60 hrs (From 8.30am -3.30pm)
Venue Technical Services Division, IDB, Katubedda
Charge per person Rs. 20,000 /- + 15 %VAT (Rs. 23,000/-)
Medium Sinhala / English
Course structure Seven (07) modules
More Details 011-2605278

Module 1: Introduction to Spice Processing Industry (1 /2)

  • Spices, spice seasoning and condiments
  • Flavor, pungency & aroma components and their functions
  • Oleoresin and essential oil
  • Different uses of spices

Module 2: Drying and Storage of Spices   (1/2)

  • Importance of drying in spice processing
  • Drying pattern of spices/Different methods of drying
  • Component of an artificial dryer
  • Types of dryers used in spice processing and comparison among them
  • Quality effecting factors in drying
  • Conditions in storage of spices

Module 3: Primary Processing of Spices (04)

  • Pepper processing technology (Black pepper & white pepper processing), processing machineries, products, grades and standards
  • Cinnamon processing technology, processing machinery, products, grades and standards
  • Nutmeg and mace processing technology, processing machinery, products, grades and standards
  • Clove processing technology, products, grades and standards
  • Different processing methods of Vanilla, products, grades and standards
  • Cardamom green curing, cardamom ban and dryers, products, grades and standards
  • Production of dehydrated ginger slices, bleached ginger, preserved ginger, storage methods of fresh ginger, processing machineries, grades and standards
  • Turmeric processing technology, processing
  • machineries and equipment, products, grades and standards
  • Whole chilly processing, products, grades and standards
  • Product scope: Black pepper, white pepper

Module 4: Milling of spices (01)

  • Selection of raw materials
  • Secondary processing of spices prior to milling
  • Steps in ground spices production
  • Different types of grinding methods/machines and comparison among them
  • Standards of ground spices
  • Product scope – Curry powder mixtures, Chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Chilli pieces, Pepper powder

Module 5: Spice pastes (01)

  • Selection of raw materials
  • Machinery & Equipment selection
  • Finished product specifications
  • Packaging & Labeling
  • Product scope - Ginger paste, Garlic paste, Mustard cream, Goraka paste

Module 6: Packaging / labeling of spices & Certification (01)

  • Different methods of packaging
  • Packaging materials and laminated bags
  • Whole spice bulk and retail packaging
  • Ground spice and curry mixture packaging
  • Packaging machineries and equipment
  • Regulations in labelling
  • Good Manufacturing Practices & Product Certification
  • Lectures: Sri Lanka Standards Institution / Packaging material supplier

Module 7: Industry visits (02)

  • Visit to small and medium scale spice processing factories -02 industry visits


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